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How ya doing?

My name’s John.

I want to bring your website to life.

Let’s make your website look great, load fast, and do what it’s supposed to do.

Need your site monitored and backed up? I’ve got you covered there, too.

A bit more about me
My background goes back to the early 90s, the first days of the public Internet.

I’ve worked for a company building some of the original public Internet infrastructure.

I’ve worked for a company building their security infrastructure.

I’ve worked for a multinational corporation building one of the first e-commerce platforms.

I’ve worked for a major financial institution helping to secure billions in assets.

I’ve been building websites since the days of garish animated GIFs (yeah, I’ve included one or two of those before).

I’ve worked in all areas of technology, from design and development to operations, from backend infrastructure to frontend services.

I’ve worked with everyone from business stakeholders to geeks in machine rooms.

In short, I understand business and I understand technology.

I want to use my knowledge to bring your vision to life.


Website Design


Sites that load quickly and provide an experience your visitors will love.


Sites that look great on all devices, from your iPhone to your laptop.


Make money 24/7 with a shop that’s always open. Sell to the world while you sleep.

Website Management


Know your site will always be up to date with the latest software versions.


Sleep easy knowing that your website is safe and secure.


Automated backups make sure your site will always be accessible.
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Speed Optimization

Backup & Restore


Email Provider Integration


Software Updates

Security Monitoring

Plugin Installation & Configuration

Google Analytics Setup

Google Tag Manager Setup

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

Social Media Integration

A/B Testing


I was very impressed when I saw my site for the first time.

I couldn’t believe how fresh and beautiful it looked.

I would highly recommend John Vivian design.

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Instructor, Sunrise Martial Arts


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